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ALLiance Leadership

Image by Jakayla Toney

We're ALL in This Together

Springs ALLiance works via a mutual collective leadership model. Unhoused representatives, service providers, community members, volunteers, partnering organizations, and all other concerned people come together at the Springs ALLiance table. We strive to use connected networks of non-hierarchal systems of 

shared power

shared leadership

shared trust

diverse skills

diverse decision making

Where the unhoused have a seat at the table. Springs ALLiance works through a lens of mutual aid and compassion. Our board is comprised of ignored populations who use their sense of oppression and lived experience to guide their advocacy and activism work. Together, we ALL make a difference, working together and coming together in the name of social justice.

Helps unhoused gain new resume padding skills

Board governance

Working collectively

Using voice for positive change 


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Leadership as an ALLiance

Unhoused Communities

Black Communities

Brown Communities

Indigenous Communities

LGBTQIA Communities



Faith-Based Providers

Non-Faith Based Providers

Service Providers

Community Members



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